Kesari GMS Powder – 100 GM


Delicious Flavors: GMS Ice Cream Mix offers a variety of tasty flavors that make your ice cream experience enjoyable.

  • Easy Preparation: Making ice cream at home is a breeze with GMS Powder. Just follow simple steps to create your favorite treat.
  • No Preservatives: Our product is free from harmful preservatives, ensuring you enjoy a natural and wholesome ice cream.
  • Smooth Texture: Achieve a creamy and smooth texture with GMS Powder, giving your homemade ice cream a professional touch.
  • Affordable: Enjoy the luxury of homemade ice cream without breaking the bank. GMS Powder provides a cost-effective solution for tasty treats.
  • Versatile Use: Besides traditional ice cream, use the mix to create shakes, sundaes, or even as a base for unique desserts.
Weight 100 g
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